What time to get off work before a weekend or day and a half off

There has been some discussion regarding what time for the au pairs to get off work before the weekend or 1,5 days off begin. Let me help clarify this:

Au pairs are entitled to 1.5 days off consecutive per week. Consecutive meaning together or in a row.
They are also entitled at least one full weekend per month.
As a general rule, a half day counts as 5 hours, a full day being 10 hours maximum.

Example 1: an au pair work Saturday morning 5 hours (maximum) and are off Saturday afternoon, all day Sunday and doesn’t start working again until Monday morning.
Example 2: would be that he or she is off all day Saturday (including Saturday night) and work a few hours Sunday night.
Example 3: would be off all day Tuesday until Wednesday afternoon (the 1.5 days off doesn’t have to be on the weekend).

So, if an au pair is off starting early evening on Friday, he or she should not be back at work until mid-day Sunday.
For the weekend, it should start no later than between 5-7 pm on Friday and the au pair should not be working again until Monday morning.

However, please note that this is the advice given by Cultural Care, but not a set rule. We encourage both Au pairs and families to be flexible and mindful of each others’ schedules. The advice is based on the fact that Au pairs should have the opportunity to go out once in a while on Friday nights with friends before their weekend off. But if the family needs child care until 10 or midnight, that’s also okay. As long as both parties agree to the schedule.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 6:37 PM


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