From Au Pair to LCC

I am excited to be joining the Cultural Care Au Pair team as your Local Childcare Consultant (LCC), servicing Albuquerque (East). The past weeks’ intensive training¬†has made me think about my time as an au pair over 10 years ago in D.C. What a blast!


I was fortunate enough to experience life in two different houses and bond with two different families. I went everywhere with the kids; the library, the metro to downtown D.C., ¬†the Smithsonian, the mall, the petting zoo, the pumpkin patch, local playdates with the neighbors, the park, the playground, preschool, gym class, the pool, and so much more. It was such a wonderful way to be a tourist in the States and to spend time with my ‘little sisters’.

I also had the chance to explore the country with my fellow au pairs. I met up with my Danish friend in Boston and later in Disney World, visited New York City on several occasions, went to the beach, saw Atlantic City, did a road trip into Virginia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania and the Amish country with my family, visited L.A. and San Diego during my last month and skied in Colorado with my host family.

I made a best friend for life as an au pair and I gained valuable skills in communication and childcare which have followed me ever since.

I look forward to helping your family and au pair gain a similar wonderful experience which will truly enrich both your lives!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 4:27 PM


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